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Reconectando is a homemade video starring, created, and edited by surfer Tomas Hermes, and filmed by Ana Romanio. The video is almost entirely shot at Tomas' home break, in the small town on the north coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil called Barra Velha.

“During the pandemic having to stay at home for so long after years of traveling on the tour was a reconnection with my town. We try to get out of the routine in our place. Surfing and exploring my own city was something I hadn't done in a long time. I had a lot of fun making this video and creating all the art with the home as a reference was an incredible experience. I surfed a wave very similar to J-bay; I never imagined that I could compare J-bay with my home break. Reconectando is a video that helped me get back to surfing the way that I hadn't done in a long time." — Tomas Hermes

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