Maya Gabeira wins cbdMD XXL Biggest Wave

Maya Gabeira got whipped into an absolute mind-blowingly large wave at Nazaré, setting the Guinness Record for the largest wave ever surfed by a woman at 73.5 ft while also securing the Red Bull Big Wave Awards cbdMD XXL Biggest Wave. For More Check Out: BIG WAVE OVERALL PERFORMANCE WINNER - KAI LENNY | Red Bull Big Wave Awards - CRAZIEST WOMEN'S PADDLE OF THE YEAR! Paige Alms wins Red Bull Big Wave Awards Women's Paddle Award - MEN'S PADDLE IN OF THE YEAR WINNER - Eli Olson | Red Bull Big Wave Awards - WIPEOUT OF THE YEAR WINNER - Keala Kennelly | Red Bull Big Wave Awards - THE GNARLIEST BIG WAVE RIDES OF THE YEAR!!! Red Bull Big Wave Awards - THE BIGGEST WAVES SURFED IN 2020!! cbdMD XXL BIGGEST WAVE w/ Kai Lenny, Sebastian Steudner - BIG WAVE Overall Performance 2020 Nominees!! | Red Bull Big Wave Awards -

The wave at other angles

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