Kelly Slater In Bali - Uluwatu, 8 September 2020

Video from Surfers of Bali

It was pumping on the 8th of September, but what had people buzzing was news that surfer, author, actor, model, businessman, and innovator*: Mr Kelly Slater was in town. There hasn't been a whole lot of footage of Kelly surfing in Indo over the last few years, so it feels pretty special to have him here in Bali during a swell. Speaking of which, it got quite solid the following day with some very good and consistent Padang Padang. The crowd was thick but Robert still managed to snag a few good ones - so check in again at 7pm Bali time for tomorrows Padang Padang clip.

Some of the surfers featured in this video:
Kelly Slater Rio Waida Made Lana Tumbling Sudiantara Ryuki Waida Rizal Tandjung Bronson Meydi Eli Hanneman

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