CAPE COVID - East Coast Low - Part 2 August 2020

As they say, leave the best till last. After 2 days of the East Coast getting battered by yet another East Coast low pressure system the surf went down from a peak of 10 meters plus (30 feet) to a chunky 8 to 12 feet.(3/4 meters) This day really showed who was the boss as there were victims a plenty.

The Cape loves a tow swell and this one didn't disappoint. Still at 8 feet the paddle option is very doable if your good.

But when the big ones come through the tow option is best as you will see here.

Stand out surfer was Max McGuigan on his backhand getting more & more confident every time he surfs out there. Then there was the usual pack showing us all how its done like Kirk Flintoff, Hayden Blair, Lucas Street & Kipp Caddy.
There was long time Cape/Ours legends Wayne Cleveland & Eddie “The Predator” Blackwell also taking on some of the bigger bombs.

All up this was an all time day! Sea for yourself!

Watch Part 1 here

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