CAPE COVID - East Coast Low - Part 1/2 | August 2020


::CAPE COVID [East Coast Low - Part 1/ Day 1 & 2 - Sunday & Monday 11th &12th Aug 2020]

The East Coast of Australia has had one of the most consistent winters in along time when it comes to big surf. CAPE SOLANDER or Cape Fear is a world class slabbing reef break actually off the coast from suburban Sydney next to Kurnell. As well known big wave surfer Koby Abberton states, Cape Solander or OURS as they called it, 'is pound for pound, one of the heaviest waves on the planet'.  It breaks so close to the rocks, not a place you want to end up if you wipe-out. I was out on a jet-ski shooting on this day for the first half then after lunch the storm pushed up the swell to a very dangerous 8 to 12 feet.

To finish up this edit we mellow out with storm waves - oceanscapes from the following day around where I live as the winds & the storm pounded the coast. The day after was legendary.

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