Building and Riding a Surf Bike!

Video from Lakeside Launchers
We built a surf board and rode it with our bike!

In this video me and my friends from Oregon go and build a wooden surfboard for our old bmx bike. In our last video we made a lake jump and we jumped it with this same bike! Today we explore the process of how we made this. First we carved out the board with the belt sander and then we took some gorilla glue and stuck it together. Then we screwed in the wood and made it work. We mounted the bike onto this board and I thought it would be easy to ride. Sadly, I was wrong it was very very hard. It took me about ten tries before I could get up onto the surf wave. Once I figured it out it was a challenge to put my feet where the pedals where. Once I figured that out I tried to surf the bmx bike with no rope. It took a lot of attempts but eventually I figured out and got it to work like a real surf Bike!

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