The Best Backhand* Surfing I've Seen At Uluwatu - Made Lana

Video from Surfers of Bali

Born and raised in Uluwatu, surfing at his home break Made Lana is easily recognizable. A buttery smooth style without compromising any power, he seamlessly strings together heavy-footed turns and barrels without wasting any part of the wave.

He started surfing at 14, and feels like he’s surfing better than ever now at the age of 44 – putting it down to having better boards these days.

He’s owned/operated the Edge Bar on the Uluwatu cliff for the last 10 years, citing help from others rather than his own efforts in getting the business off the ground. And so, an underlying humility seems to be a running theme with Made Lana, but no amount of downplaying can disguise his achievements both in and out of the water.

*I say it's the best backhand that I've seen at Uluwatu, but it actually covers any surfing I've witnessed there.

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