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In a world where attention and recognition seeking are driving humans (including surfers) to do whatever it takes to get their daily dose of ego boost, it’s refreshing to meet people who remind us why we started doing the things we love in the first place.

“Surfing is one of those sports that it’s more than a sport… a practice, a discipline, could be called a religion, you don’t really need to do the biggest air, or turn or buy the most expensive boards and wetsuits, you don’t have to be called the best, or the most impressive. You just have to be connected and feel it…”

Ilyas Masrour is a Moroccan surfer from the little beach town of Mehdia (northern Morocco). He’s now living down south, where he’s fully taking advantage of the winter swells that part of the country is blessed with. We paid him a visit at the start of the year, back when life was normal and the world still wasn’t assaulted by bored to death influencer selfies and hilarious tiktok videos, and this short film is the result of our brief encounter.

Shot and Edited by Rayane Hatimi
Surfing/Voice by Ilyas Masrour
Produced by Hamza Bennani and Amine El Kinani
Soundtrack by Laid Back ("Fly Away")

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