Surfer Ben Kelly was fatally attacked by a shark while surfing in Santa Cruz County.

Ben Kelly he was an avid surfer who customized surfboards for a living. His death marks the first fatal shark attack in California in eight years.
On May 9th 2020, surfer Ben Kelly was fatally attacked by a shark while surfing at Manresa Beach in Santa Cruz County.

He was a good, godly, humble man who deserved many, many more laps around the sun and many more good waves. We all miss you, Ben.

Close friends of Ben have set up a memorial fund to help his family. 

This is a memorial fund set up by close friends of Ben Kelly. We want to support his wife Katie during this tragic time by covering all burial expenses and all of her living expenses for the foreseeable future. This is our tangible way of carrying on Ben's legacy of love and generosity. 

If you have the ability and would like please follow the link to support: 
We all miss you, Ben.

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