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Coast Guard takes on giant surf in epic training session


Video from Philipp Vasilev (Scotty)

While the world is still locked down with travels let’s remember how it was surfing in a “free world” here some of my surf shots for last 8 years.Wanna thank my parents for always supporting me with things I do and all my mates for sharing good travels and waves.All this pandemic will be over soon and even if world will never be the same,the waves we surf will be always out there.
Including Kelly Slater,John John Florence,Jordy Smith,Sebastian Zeits,Tai Graham,Jay Phillips, Russell Bierke,Kalani Chapman,Adam Bennetts, Nyoman Satriaa,Marlon Gerber,Mick Fanning, Toze Correia,Mikala Jones,Oscar Moncada,Made Adi Putra (Bol), Sebastian Steudtner, Lucas Chumbo,Leah Dawson,Joel Stevenson,Nikita Avdeev,Sergey Mysovskiy,Brad Livingstone

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