Vintage Surf Photos

A group of surfers from the Hermosa Beach Surf Club in California practice for a competition. From left, Bill Edgar, Dave Perumian, Olie Scrivens, Tod and Jim Kerwin in 1955. Photo: Keystone / Hulton Archive
Three surfing girls (left to right, Marilyn Ridge, Lyn Connelly, Dee Delaney) walk to ride the swell and maybe catch a tube or two down on Newquay beach in England in 1955. Photo: Russell Knight / Hulton Archive
1968. (PHOTO MEDIA/ClassicStock/CORBIS)
1967. (H. ArmstrongRoberts/ClassicStock/CORBIS)
1960. (Keystone/Getty Images) 
1930. (Keystone/Getty Images)
6/10/1933-Santa Monica, Califórnia.
1931. (Fox Photos/Getty Images)

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