The Death Coast Heaviest Slabs - Von Froth Episode 3

A Film by Von Rupp Media

Nic von Rupp and João Macedo grew up together, João is Nics mentor since the age of 9, taught him surfing, helped him achieve his goals over the years and now both are in the front run of surfing Big Waves at Nazaré . For the first time in 15years, Nic and João go on a surf trip together to Galicia to surf one of the biggest swells of the year with spot pioneers Axi Muniain and Eric Rebier.

Surfers: Axi Munian, Miguel Blanco, Frederico Morais, Eric Rebiere and João Macedo

Filmed and edited: Mendo Dornellas
Aditional Footage Gastão Entrudo, Thomas Bello, Tim Bonython

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See more of Von Froth on Nic’s YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.

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