Making Waves - A Louisiana Surfing Documentary

Let the waves and the good times roll in Louisiana. That’s one of the biggest takeaways from Nicholas Dorsey's and Vans' new surf film, Making Waves: Surfing Louisiana.

We never knew that we wanted to surf in Louisiana, but now, we really really do. The short doc follows the members of the Pontcha Surf Club, the most popular (and only) surf club in the Bayou state, as they go on the hunt for the best waves within an hour or two of their homes.

Watching it, you can’t help but feel these guys’ pure stoke and love for surfing. They cross through abandoned amusement parks, muddy marshes and drive through flooded roads just to find the perfect break - which happens to (most of the time) be near a few oil rigs. The Surf Club is as much of a hidden gem themselves as the state is for surfing. They go to great lengths just to do what they love and be able to share it with other “happy stoked people.” The untold surf history about the area is remarkable as well, and the club has found a surf community actually exists around them too.

The film has hidden history, memorable characters, dreamy cinematography, mellow surf and a vibin’ soundtrack (that I was sure to download immediately). These near perfect rollers will have you frothing, and make you want to book your ticket, grab your board and head on down to the deep south.

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