“FAIL” featuring Allan Watts

This film is a collection of surf shots from inside the water, that we're kind of forgotten because some of them we're considered has missed shots or missed manoeuvres.

Happy to bring them to everyone and to pass this message about failure narrate by the great Alan Watts.

Music - French 79 "Between the Buttons"
VO - Alan Watts
Add. Footage from land - Hugo Almeida

Water Man:
Eduardo Vento
Alan Van Gysen
Tim Bonython
Bruno Dias "Vanlife"

Miguel Blanco
Pedro Boonman
Filipe Jervis
Frederico Morais
Hugo Vau
Kai Lenny
Torrey Meister
Albee Layer
Marco Giorgi
Yuri Gonçalves
Lucas Silveira
Kiron Jabour
Nic Von Rupp
Kanoa Igarashi

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