Vincent Duvignac back to Morocco 20 years later

Vincent Duvignac's new film tells the story of his last trip to Morocco, on a spot he first surfed 20 years ago.

"With optimistic predictions and after a year of injuries, it was finally time to return to that part of Morocco that I love so much.

The day before the departure, when I was picking up the tickets, I realised that it had been exactly 20 years since I had the privilege of making my very first trip and discovering this wave, thanks to my sponsor at the time. I then had the impression that I had learned more about life and myself in one week than I had in 12 years of existence, a nice slap in the face!

The swells were exceptionally chained this year, and after months of good surfing in France, the obvious call from Morocco was received by many European and even American surfers. It was an opportunity for the young teenager from Mimizan Noa Dupouy to embark with me on a trip he won't forget any time soon."

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