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WSL under fire after horror wipeout in Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge

Big wave surfer Alex Botelho is "stable and conscious" in hospital after suffering a sickening wipeout during a competition at Nazare, Portugal.

According to CNN| Nazaré is a notorious hunting ground for big wave surfers with storms out in the Atlantic creating huge breakers.

The incident with Botelho has renewed calls for the WSL to consider removing big wave locations like Nazaré from the league's calendar.

Carve Surfing Magazine posted on Twitter: "we have to ask when is enough enough and we have to watch someone die live on TV before [World Surfing League] draws a few lines in the sand."https://twitter.com/CarveMag/status/1227283912340201473

Meanwhile, the CNN has contacted the WSL and is awaiting further comment on safety procedures.

In our opinion accidents happen in all sports.

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