Over the Ledge

Over the Ledge is the story of Gearóid McDaids journey of progression over the last twelve months. We see Gearóid spending time with Nic Von Rupp and William Allioti to learn from their many years of experience. This movie highlights Gearóid’s hesitation, fears and how he adapts to pushing his own personal limits and throwing himself over the ledge.

Directed, filmed & edited – Clem McInerney
Produced – Tom Mangham
Featured Surfer – Gearóid Mc Daid
Surfers – Nic Von Rupp & William Aliotti
Music – Sleep Thieves
• Through a sea
• French Kiss
• Different Time
Additional surfers in order of appearance 
• Ollie O Flaherty
• Peter Conroy
• Conor Maguire
• Noah Lane

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