Russ Bierke and Darcy Piper go ham in “Right as Rain”.

Towards the end of 2019, slab slayer Russell Bierke and cinematographer Andrew Kaineder released “Flow State”, a short film in which the skinny, hard-charging Bierke is seen casually tucking into some seriously demented-looking tubes. (Rewatch it here if you so please). Anyways, part of the film’s footage was captured while Bierke was on a road trip to South Oz with his good mate Darcy Piper. The stuff that didn’t make the edit landed on the cutting room floor. But the clips were still so good, Bierke decided to put together another quick hit, which you can now check out above. Click play to watch tube-pigs Russ Bierke and Darcy Piper go ham in “Right as Rain”.

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