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No solo sessions in this isolated Indonesian village. These children are more than happy to share everything from waves to hand-shaped boards. Photo: Childs

If you were determined to charge The Right's monstrous caverns during a mega-swell, a finely-tuned tow board would most likely be your equipment of choice. But for big-wave rider Mark Mathews, that couldn't be further from the truth. "It was 15 to 20 feet for four days straight," says Mathews. "This was the last day of the swell, so I took out my 5'6" soft top. It's crazy how riding a soft top completely tricks your brain into thinking you can't possibly get hurt. It lightens the mood in a heavy situation." Photo: Ord

​No matter how you define perfection, it would be hard to argue that Alex Gray's Tahitian barrel doesn't check all the boxes. When Gray saw his chance to catch this beauty, he called up photographer Bo Bridges, packed his bags, and caught a plane to the South Pacific just three hours later. We're glad that he did, as his shot graced the cover of our November 2015 issue. Photo: Bridges

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