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Meet The Girl Leila

Leila Hurst born and raised on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.
Leila developed a powerful bond with the ocean early on that has shaped who she is. A natural in the water, Leila pulled down her first surf sponsor at age 9 and went on to rack up a handful of junior titles before going pro.
My relationship with surfing is my happiness. I’ve always felt like the ocean literally heals everything. If I stayed home from school for being sick, my dad would make me go surfing with him just to jump in the ocean and brush it off. My mom hated it! But It’s true, the ocean makes me a better person.
Always positive and determined to push herself and women’s surfing to new crests, Leila travels the world searching for waves and experiences that will help her grow as a surfer and a person. Leila’s passion extends beyond surfing.

She lives to be with her family, loves yoga and is committed to living an eco-friendly life. She uses her success to support organizations like the Life Rolls On Foundation that helps people with spinal injuries improve their quality of life.

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