Punta Galea Challenge 2019

On December 16th, the Brazilian Big Rider Lucas Chianca won the Punta Galea Challenge, earning a grade of 10 in the final.

Brazilian Lucas Chianca won the Punta Galea Challenge
The Punta Galea Challenge is one of the most traditional of the Big Wave Circuit and this edition was with the perfect and huge waves in the Basque Country in Spain.

Our Brazilian who represents in the world of big wave surfing Lucas Chumbo left with the victory, but to compete in Spain, Lucas made a very tiring trip. The Brazilian, left the Jaws Challenge final, event in which he was in sixth place in Hawaii. know more

He took a flight to Portugal and drove eight hours to reach Gexto, Galicia, not knowing how the wave of “La Galea” worked and because of Hawaii's trip to Spain, Lucas Chianca He arrived at the last minute and could not train before, and still got the victory.

In the grand finale the athlete took the best backside tube of the competition, which earned him a score of 10 and certainly entered the history of big wave world surfing.
Lucas Lead 10 Wave:


1 – Lucas Chianca (BRA) – 27.50
2 – Pierre Rollet (FRA) – 27.00
3 – Alex Botelho (POR) – 22.91
4 – Indar Unanue (BAS) – 21.13
5 – Fabian Campagnolo (AFR) – 16.49
6 – Ilker Muñoz (BAS) – 3.20

 Video of everything that happened at the event:

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