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The West Side of Oahu is a special place. Isolated from the rest of the island, it has both a unique sense of calm, and also a harsh edge. It plays host to some of the poorest communities in Hawaii, and also some of the most stunning beaches and world-class waves.

Hawaii extends far beyond the beachfront resorts of Waikiki, the North Shore and the 7- Mile Miracle, the safe confines of Foodland and the gentle smile of Auntie or Uncle at the register. Hawaii is much more than these things… it is an Aloha Experience.

Designed with the West Side’s own Sheldon Paishon, The Aloha Experience attempts to encompass all that is Hawaii. A carefree beach lifestyle, a rich history of watermen, and that rough edge that sits beneath the surface of the Aloha.

Featuring easy resort silhouettes, breezy slub fabrics, bold colours and a Hawaiian print that tells a storied cultural past… this is the Aloha Experience, worn proudly by Sheldon Paishon.

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