Giant Nazaré November 5th 2019

Rain or Shine, Nazareth would never miss the first big day of the Season.Conditions weren't perfect but that's what defines these surfers and these waves.Nazaré will always remain a natural wonder that at any time, can be both beautiful and dangerous.
What started out as wild and reckless became extraordinary. A-frames with mist produced from the wind was a site as the crowded cheered on each bomb.Francisco Porcella, Iain Consenza, Justine DuPont, Lucas Chianca and Nic Von Rupp and they delivered. Today was the first but as the day concluded it was obvious, we are all ready for Naza's POWER.

Edited  by Luís "Ben" Coelho / @bennybossboy / @dabprods
Filmed by Luís "Ben" Coelho /@bennybossboy / @dabprods

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