Perfect surf all year round - opening soon!


An incredible time-lapse video shows Bristol's, U.K groundbreaking new attraction being constructed as it nears completion.

Located in Easter Compton, The Wave will be the country's first inland surfing lake and promises to deliver perfect waves for surfers of all abilities.

It will open on November 4 for people who pledged to the Crowdfunding campaign and those who signed up to the 'Early Rider' membership, before opening to the public on November 18.

The one-minute video shows the moment the giant tap is turned on which in turn slowly fills the 200m-long structure with water. It was filmed on a fixed camera above the site over a two-week period.

As the lake fills with water, builders can be seen battling the elements as they work on the giant walkway which runs through the middle of it, with diggers in the background working on other parts of the major development.

Speaking about the moment the tap was turned on, founder Nick Hounsfield said: "Turning the tap on was a massive moment for us. After years of dreaming and planning we are a big step closer to our inland surfing vision becoming a reality.

"Water levels are rising and the lake is looking crystal clear and incredible. Very soon we will be able to start pushing waves and then the fun really begins!"

Alongside the surfing lake, which will use Wavegarden's cutting-edge cove technology, there will be a restaurant, surf shop, gardens for visitors to explore and 25 glamping pods which visiting surfers will use as accommodation.

As well as bringing a unique new attraction to Bristol, The Wave could have a big impact on the nation’s fortunes at major surfing competitions around the world with elite surfers expected to train there frequently.

For more information and to book your space, visit The Wave's website.

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