Nudist Surf Contest in Brazil

The event has been attracting more people each year. 

Tambaba Beach, located in the Paraíba state, in Brazil, is already very famous for being the first nudist beach authorized by law in Brazil. This same beach will, in 7 and 8 of september, host the 12th edition of “Tambaba Open Naturist Surf”. The event was created and idealized by the group “NU – Naturistas Unidos” (in english: UN – United Naturists). They created such event to promote the nudism filosofy and way of life trhough the sports. Freedom, harmony and respect for the nature are among their main focus and creeds.

Besides the surf contest, music concerts, arts shows, nudist surfing classes and many other attractions will also take place during the event. Many companies and institutions are supporting the event either with financial sponsoring or media disclosure.

If you are a surfer and want to participate, anyone can join the Open cathegory by enroling in the very day of the contest. The NU organization direction will have a tent for the athletes to enrol in the same day, from 9am to 12pm. The Expression cathegory has different requirements and should be checked in the website.

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page or email us at

12th Tambaba Naturist Surfing Open
September 7 and 8, 2019 – Tambaba Beach/Paraíba – Brazil.

Saturday, Sept 7 – Naturist Sector
Noon – Opening / Technical Congress.
1:00 PM – Beginner Category (qualifiers).
2:00 PM – Local Category (qualifiers).
Sunday, Sept 8– Naturist Sector
Noon – Beginner Category (Finals).
1:00 PM – Local Category (Finals).
2:00 PM – Open Category (Qualifiers and Finals).
3:00 PM – Prize ceremony.

Saturday Sept 7 (:00 PM – Fraternization Show – Bar and Restaurant A Arca de Bilú – Tambaba.

Geilson Silva (G)
Accreditation/Technical Commission
+55 (83) 9.8754-1240

Carlos Santiago
Overall coordination:

Movimento NU
Território Macuxí

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