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Best Price | CSJ-X8 GPS Brushless Drone 4K

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Function: Up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward, sideward flight, Led light, GPS follow mode, way-point flight, surround flying mode, one-key return, one key to land/take off, trajectory flying mode, human tracking mode, palm control mode, speed switching, gesture recognition, MV interface.
ADJUSTABLE 4K CAMERA - The aircraft possesses a 4K front camera and a optical bottom camera. The high-definition 4K camera possesses excellent color solutions, and 90° adjustment angle, which offers a super sharp image. The dual camera is great to record your wonderful moment.
WAY-POINT FLIGHT - Once the waypoint is set, The aircraft will fly from the initial point to all waypoints to complete the preset flight path. The direction of the aircraft can be controlled by the joystick during flight.
SURROUND FLYING MODE - In GPS mode ,click the Surround Flight "icon in the APP control interface.select counterclockwise or clockwise surround the pop-up menu bar and click Send At this point, the aircraft nose will fly around the center of the current position.
TRAJECTORY FLYING MODE- It allows you to draw your trajectory route on the APP control interface,and the aircraft will automatically fly along the drawn trajectory with the current position.
FOLLOW ME MODE - In the optical flow mode, click on the " Master Tracking "icon, then face the aircraft lens, a big target candidate box will appear on the screen. Touch the target with your finger and the blue box will turn red when the target is locked.
PALM CONTROL MODE - In the optical flow mode, click on the " Hand Control "icon, then face the aircraft lens, lift one hand, and move gently when the palm is selected by the red box on the APP. In the palm of your hand, the aircraft will follow the palm up, down, left, and right.
GESTURE RECOGNITION - In the optical flow mode ,when facing the front lens of the camera ,any of the gestures can be trigger the automatic photographing or camera function of the aircraft. You can take photos by Yeah Gestures and shoot videos by Box Gestures or Palm Gestures.
MV INTERFACE - Click the "MV Interface "icon in the APP control interface. After entering the MV interface, you can choose to match the favorite filter effect or background music and start recording, and then gain your unique MV.

Max Flying distance: About 1000m 

Max Flight Time: 25mins 

Motor: 1806 Brushless Motor

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