Ivy Miller Being Ivy

If you don’t follow Ivy Miller – a 22-year-old surfer/snowboarder/comedian/model from Southern California -- on IG already, you probably should. She’s funny AF (see skate mom). Her grid is a dizzying mix of the characters she’s created, van life, surf trips, music festivals, far away mountain resorts, road trips, and friends. It’s all wild and fun, honest and self-deprecating, and totally out there.

In other words, it’s very Ivy — and exactly why we're so excited to debut our new series, "Ivy Being Ivy" — a shotgun ride to places around the world with one of surfing's freshest new characters. In Episode 1, Ivy heads to Puerto Rico to shoot the swimwear line she designed, go surfing with friends, and do a little exploration (and devour some pinchos).
Video from Red Bull Surfing.

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