ThiEYE T5 Pro 4K 60FPS 20MP Ultra HD camera

ThiEYE T5 Pro is one of the best 4k Camera which comes under the excellent features. you can easily buy this from US$115.00

20MP with 2 Inch LCD Touchscreen, 8X Digital Zoom, 170° Wide Angle Lens, Support 60 Meters Waterproof, Video Stabilization, WiFi Connection, Remote Control...

ThiEYE T5 Pro comes with  4K 60fps Ultra HD Video It shoots 4K video at an unimaginable casing rate of 60fps, which has double the casing rate of its rivals. It has Built-in 2.0″ Touch Screen The brilliant, enormous and high responsive 2.0″ LCD contact screen gives you an advantageous.

The ThiEYE T5 Pro can record videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and has a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 170° with support for automatic low light function. It automatically adjusts the camera settings according to the ambient lighting – and that’s just the beginning of the features of this new action camera!

The body of the ThiEYE T5 Pro action camera is made of high quality matt plastic, which gives it a soft and firm touch when held, the camera is only available in black with orange details. It seems that the manufacturer has decided to use a trial and error design, which most previous generations of action cameras use. Not forgetting that its high quality construction makes it resistant to external agents.

You can easily carry ThiEYE T5 Pro with you, as it has dimensions of: 65 x 42 x 23 mm, and a weight of 77 grams. With this compact size, you won’t even feel like you’re holding a camera. And because it’s an action camera, you can attach it to a helmet, the steering wheel or your wrist.

The front of the device has its camera lens, which is highlighted with an orange circle. Just below the lens, there is an inscription that reads “4K 60 FPS”. This is one of the main visual changes you can find in the new ThiEYE T5 Pro action camera, which distinguishes it from previous versions of the company. However, most of the design is exactly the same as the previous versions.

The front panel of the ThiEYE T5 Pro also features a huge power button, the ThiEYE logo and two LEDs. The top LED informs the user that the camera is connected to Wi-Fi, and the bottom LED indicates the battery status of the device.

On the right side, you can find two round buttons “Up” and “Down”, to navigate through the menu. The left side contains the microSD memory card slot, micro HDMI slot and micro USB ports. At the top of the camera, there is another large button that allows us to connect the camera via a Wi-Fi network. The bottom sides hold the battery compartment, as well as 1/4 inch of thread for connecting a tripod.
The control panel of the ThiEYE T5 Pro action camera is compact and convenient to use. The console has a rectangular shape with rounded edges. It comes with a soft rubber strap so you can wear it comfortably on your wrist, so you can start/stop the shot or change its mode without even touching the camera. Just press the necessary button on the remote control.

The body of the console is also made of matt black plastic, the same material as the camera. The wristband features only three control buttons and an LED indicator. The first button turns the camera on or off, the second button takes a picture, and the last button starts video recording. The indicator also notifies the user of the camera’s battery status. Generally speaking, everything is simple and convenient for the user.

The ThiEYE T5 Pro action camera can record videos in 4K resolution, 2.7K resolution and 1080 pixels at 60 or 30 frames per second. In terms of images, the camera takes photos with a resolution of up to 20 MP, which is an excellent result for an economical action camera.

The 6-axis gyroscope ensures smooth and accurate video, minimizing blurring and vibration during video recording. ThiEYE T5 Pro provides a 170° viewing angle with a large F/2.8 aperture, which widens the range of the photo taken. There is no built-in memory, but you can use a microSD memory card up to 128GB.

The ThiEYE T5 Pro camera supports an 8x zoom. You can now enlarge the image eight times during shooting, and photograph the subject that is far away in detail and with greater clarity. In addition, thanks to its waterproof protective case, it can be submerged underwater to a depth of 60 meters, making it an excellent camera for divers eager to share their adventures under the sea.

One of the main advantages of the ThiEYE T5 Pro is its automatic low light sensors. This new camera can automatically switch to a better general setting, depending on the lighting during shooting. This makes it very comfortable to use, even for a beginner.


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