2019 Puerto Escondido Cup

Billy Kemper taking first place!

The big wave surfing event is not part of the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour, but it was no less exciting thanks to a solid south swell that stormed the spot.

Waves in the double overhead range allowed athletes to choose between right and lefthanders. Spectators witnessed heavy wipeouts and a few minor injuries.

Kemper defeated Gabriel Villaran, Marcial Monreal, Jafet Ramos, Cesar Petroni and Cristian Merello in the final.

"I came here with one goal and got it. I felt great out there all day thanks to my coach and Carlos Tangaro for a good couple weeks of work," said Kemper.

"Sharing perfect barrels with locals and internationals was truly a blessing. I am feeling very grateful for all the support. Thanks to people of Puerto Escondido for welcoming us and putting on such a sick comp!"

Winners of the 2019 Puerto Cup:

1. Billy Kemper (HAW)
2. Gabriel Villaran (PER)
3. Marcial Monreal (MEX)
4. Jafet Ramos (MEX)
5. Cesar Petroni (MEX)
6. Cristian Merello (CHI)

Puerto Escondido Cup Men’s Final Highlights 

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