Meet Natasha Sand from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has long been a dream destination for surfers. However, there is one glaring detail or rather lack of…there are hardly any local female surfers. So last year, Laura Enever met up with Natasha Sand, a local female surfer dedicated pioneering change.

Shockingly in April, Sri Lanka was rocked by a series of unprecedented attacks. As outsiders to this situation, we were faced with a choice of how to react, and after being advised and speaking with Natasha, we felt compelled to share what she had to say.

‘Firstly, my condolences goes out to my dear people, everyone affected and those who lost a loved one. It still seems so unreal that this terrible unjust act happened to my country. Brothers & sisters, this is now our time. We must stand together to be strong, we also need to honor those that have lost by carrying on as we normally would. So, please do not tick Sri Lanka off your list, we need you now more than ever. See you all in paradise x’

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