Bronson Meydi gives back

Photo: @balisurfreport

At the age of nine, Indonesian surfing prodigy Bronson Meydi had to make a tough decision: stay with his family in the relatively isolated Lakey Peak or pursue surfing and academic opportunities in Bali as a protégé of Rizal Tandjung.

He chose Bali, and four years later, Bronson continues blazing a path to becoming one of Indonesia’s greatest waveriders ever.

But that doesn’t mean he forgot where he came from. To kick off the WSL double-header in Bali and help drive awareness of the real need for clean drinking water in Indonesia, Bronson and Marlon Gerber partnered up with Waves For Water, loaded up their backpacks full of filters and returned to Bronson’s home village.

 This was the result.

 Video: @malariahouse

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