Winners List from the WSL Big Wave Awards

Redondo Beach (California) has been the venue chosen to deliver the big wave surf prizes of the 2018/2019 season. Thus, the WSL Big Wave Awards have been gradually announcing the winners of the 8 categories (surfers and photographers or filmers) that this year were distributed $350,000 dollars.

After a year of assessing the top moments, from all corners of the world -- here are your 2018/19 Big Wave award winners:

Ride of the Year: Grant Twiggy Baker $75,000 Prize

Women’s XXL Biggest Wave: Justine Dupont $25.000 Prize

Men’s XXL Biggest Wave: Kai Lenny $25.000 Prize

Hydro Flask Women's Performance Award: Justine Dupont $12.000 Prize

Men's Overall Performance Award: Kai Lenny $12.000 Prize

Wipeout of the Year Award: Makua Rothman $3.000 Prize

Women's Paddle Award World Record: Andrea Moller $25.000 Prize

Men’s Biggest Paddle: Grant Twiggy Baker $25.000 Prize

Controversy in Ride of the year: Grant Baker

The 19th edition of the awards, however, has not been without controversy, especially in the category that affected the Basque Natxo Gonzalez: Ride of the year. This category is supposed to reward the best (bigger, more perfect) wave and how the surfer surfed it. Well while Ramon Navarro and Natxo Gonzalez finished their wave, the second even with a historic 10 in competition, the winner was Grant 'Twiggy' Baker with a giant wave in Jaws that ended in wipeout. You only need to go to social networks and see that all comments go in the same direction ...

Photo: Kenny Morris @kennethemorris

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