The Fight Continues For Sunny Garcia

Almost a month ago, iconic Hawaiian world champ Sunny Garcia was in critical condition in ICU at a Portland area hospital.

Various reports and rumors on social media and otherwise have surfaced over the past few weeks as to his status, but we didn’t know much for sure until a few days ago when his daughter Kaila posted to Instagram that Sunny was heading into surgery to get a trach/PEG done (basically inserting a feeding tube), but that his “vitals were awesome.”

After surgery, she posted that “he’s ok and he’s doing good. Surgery was kind of rough but he made it through. Because of some complications they were not able to do dads PEG so he still has his feeding tube in his nose.”

Today, she posted, “Dad is still healing from his trach surgery. His vitals are really good right now. He’s been moving his fingers, feet and toes slightly. He yawns and even moves his head a little. God is so good! I know with him ALL THINGS are possible no matter how serious they may seem. I continue to have faith in the Lord no matter what he decides. #prayforsunny.”

We’re gonna second that. Our best wishes, thoughts and prayers are with the Garcia family. Stay tuned for more updates.

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