The Lost Wave

This was by far, the Biggest Wave ever surfed by a Russian" Russian Big Wave Surfer Andrey Karr.

So why it does not appear on the list for 2019 WSL Big Wave Awards Nominees?

According to a post published on his Facebook account, the surfer thinks that because of this may be political issues "My entry being lost, Internal politics of the organization, or overall geopolitical panopticon, but apparently sanctions on Russia have made their way into the sport.said Andrey Karr.

What we can say is that, you have showed the world what you are capable of and what you have accomplished. The 3 years you spent doing what you have been doing and training hard are not lost.

Keep The Dream Alive brotha!

The best surfer is not the one who takes the best or highest waves ! ... its the one who comes out of the water with the biggest smile on his face! Duke Kahanamoku.

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