Sixth Borough

Next to New Jersey there is probably no higher percentage of winter time surfing visitors to Puerto Rico than that of the surfers of New York, especially those that call the five boroughs of New York City – Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens – their home.

It is so much so that this tropical U.S. Territory, a quick few hours plane ride from JFK International, is referred to as the “Sixth Borough” henceforth the title of Long Island ripper Ben Doughty and friends at East Of Eden videos latest edit. In Ben’s own words, “I have absolutely zero presence and zero name in the surf industry/community and I am not really trying to pursue gaining either of those things.

I just love to surf and enjoy seeing edits from the “no-name” east coast guys that ESM posts. This past year, I moved from Satellite Beach to Brooklyn to pursue a career in the city and while I did do well getting my career started, I only got to surf 20 or so times… It can be an unforgiving place. After enduring New York’s the harsh winter of 2018-19, we looked south and made our escape to Puerto Rico for the first few weeks of winter”.

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