Surfer Survives Heart Attack at Maverick’s

March 11th was (almost) just another session for perennial Half Moon Bay local, Christy Davis, who at 66 years old, is the oldest surfer charging the Maverick’s bowl.

After the session, Davis took to Instagram to recount his close-call experience:

It's Good To Be Alive! I was having a great session out at Mavericks yesterday with my good friend and cinematographer Grant Thompson filming from Curt Myers' jet ski when I started to get serious pain on the left side of my chest. It felt like compression from both the front and the back right where the canisters of my flotation vest are located. When numbness started creeping down my left arm I became worried and asked if someone would paddle in with me as Curt had just left with his jet ski. August volunteered and we started in and the pain kept getting worse and worse. August started towing me with his leash then Frank (Quirarte), Alex (Martin), Manny (Resano), Hide and everyone that caught a wave and cut out in the channel joined our little flotilla to make sure I was okay. 

I ended up paddling most of the way in, I just put my head down and kept paddling and breathing. August was giving me guidance like You are getting too close to the reef or There's a wave coming! We made it around Mushroom Rock and August and others helped me by pushing me from behind periodically. 

When we got to the beach, Manny and some of the guys shared carrying my board back for me and when we got back to the truck I changed and Manny drove me home while Grant Thompson followed to take Manny back to the parking lot. When I got back to the house we called 911 and they immediately identified it as a serious situation and took me to the hospital pronto, lights and sirens and the works. 

They took me straight into surgery and put a stent in my heart, my LAD was 100 percent blocked. The doctors say it was a serious heart attack and that if I was not in such good shape, I most likely would have died. Anyway, with my LAD unblocked my heart should have at least 20% more ability to process blood, so hopefully I will be back in the water and my old self again in the next couple of months, although realistically I am not out of the woods yet, we have to determine how much damage may have occurred to the heart. I want to thank everyone that stuck by me and made sure I made it safely back to land and back to the the parking lot. I guess I have the dubious honor of being the first person to have a heart attack at Mavericks!
One day later, in instagram:

Uma publicação partilhada por Christy Davis (@christysurfs) a

Video: Curt Myers/Powerlines Productions

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