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How To Catch A Wave

Video from How to Rip

Catching a wave is an awesome feeling. Whether it’s simply on your belly or on top of the water on a surfboard; it’s one of the most addictive experiences in the world.

I thought that today I’d clear up some things when it comes to actually doing it.

We’re going to cover 3 different strategies that people can use to catch waves and we’re going to gradually go more in-depth & more advanced as we go along.

As we've mentioned previously, most of your time in surfing is actually spent negotiating the ocean trying to find waves - NOT actually riding them. That's why it's essential that when opportunities do arise, you're ready to capitalise on them. I cover two basic methods in this video for catching waves and an advanced one - my favourite - the pivot & swing.

What else are you struggling with at the moment with your surfing? Let me know in the comments below.

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