Pipeline Steals the Show in January’s “Clips of the Month” Reel

Have you ever seen a better, more consistent, Pipeline run than what we witnessed in January? The Da Hui Backdoor Shoot-Out once again fell within an epic window of swell last month, allowing for some of the best and most deserved locals to take their pick at maxing Pipeline–the wave which took center stage for this month’s “Clips of the Month” reel, showing up in six out of the top 10 clips. Outside of Oahu, Yago put on a spectacular show in …Lost’s new edit from Waco. Brad Flora sneaks into the number-ten spot with his end game hammer from “Natural Disaster”. That corked no-grab 3 was a nice change of pace to what we’ve been watching and warrants being in this month’s edit. To top off the list was Keito’s Slater-esque Pipe barrel edging out, yet again, another amazing Pe’ahi bomb surfed by nonother than yes, you guessed it, Kai Lenny.
Filmed by Antonio Valverde

Filmed by John DeCesare
Filmed by Landon Hayashi

Filmed by Landon Hayashi

Filmed by Antonio Valverde

Filmed by …Lost Surfboards

Filmed by Lucca Biot

Filmed by Cole Yamane

Filmed by Rory Pringle

Filmed by Carlo Carol

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