Dying mother taken to beach in hospital bed to watch one last sunset

A terminally ill woman was taken to the beach in her hospital bed so that she could watch the sunset one last time.
Carmen Leon de la Barra, who is originally from Chile, South America, was given just days to live after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.
According to Metro, her family decided to contact charity organisation Dreams2Live4 to take her to the beach in Sydney, Australia, where she’s lived for the past quarter of a century.
They wanted her to see the sunset one last time.
After Carmen was diagnosed she was taken into a palliative care unit for treatment and could no longer enjoy her favourite pastime –taking walks on the beach.
For the past nearly 25 years, Carmen, who's a grandmother, and her husband, Antonio, would walk on the beach nearly every day after work.
Her daughter Tatiana Salloum told news outlets that her mother was "so happy" during her last trip out and even managed to open her eyes.
New South Wales paramedics helped make the trip possible. Once on the beach, she lay under a blanket on a stretcher and gazed out at the ocean. She was surrounded by loved ones and pictured gazing out at the ocean. She passed away just two days later.
Tatiana had been the one who'd contacted the charity to make her mom's last which come true. The charity reportedly grants wishes for patients with metastatic cancer.
"When I told them my mom only had a few hours or days to live, it became their mission to make it happen," Tatiana told The Mirror.
Because Carmen had so little time left to live, the charity had organised the trip in a single day.
Carmen, who first met her husband in Chile when she was just 10 and moved to Australia in the 1990s, was taken to the spot in her bed. She was joined by Antonio and Tatiana, as well as her two other children, her children's partners, and her grandchildren.
Pictures show Antonio leaning over his wife's bed, with his hand gently covering hers, after arriving at the beach.

Sources: MetroThe MirrorThe World News

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