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Ryan Pernofski | My first creative dream was to work at Pixar animation studios. I remember as far back as the age of about 4 or 5 putting pencil to paper to try and create something. I found it fascinating that all these stories I was watching on the VHS player with my siblings were created simply by people who did exactly that: create them. I became obsessed with creating things. Especially with drawing. I drew everything. My teddies. People. And even wrote comics of my own. "Cowman" was a personal favourite. A super-cow who brought justice and comedy to the field. I just loved using my imagination and then using my hands to make something tangible that others could see and (hopefully) enjoy, too.

I discovered photography when I was in high school. I grew up in a really small town with not much else to do except surf & play Nintendo (sounds pretty good, hey). And I was gifted with a little digital camera for one of my birthdays. Using this new gadget I had received I realised I could combine my current obsession of surfing with a more directly creative practice of photographing & filming the ocean. I was instantly hooked and was doing it most days until my friend, (though he denies it) left my camera at the beach. I didn't pick up photography again until around 2010, along with my first iPhone & the release of Instagram. I quickly became obsessed with photography and pretty much have been working on this craft ever since.

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