Wild & Sexy

Agus | Between modeling and riding, we follow her for a sexy session.

If you don’t know Agustina Di Benedetto, she’s from Argentina, as beautiful as gifted, in Skateboard, Longboard, Surf or Snowboard, nothing has secret for her.

Agustina Di Benedetto

Can you introduce yourself in a few worlds ?
Hyperactive, adventurous—I like to try new things.

What is your homespot ?
Green Parrot Wake Beach, a wakeboarding complex that has everything I like! Friends, good vibes, and sports.

When did you start wakeboarding ?
About a year and 2 months ago, more or less.

Do you do anything else than wakeboarding ?
I do a little bit of everything—I really like sports that involve a board. I snowboard, longboard, and I tried kitesurfing a couple of times. I also really like roller blading; I’ve been doing it since I was 6 years old.

What makes a Ride Cool ?
The style and the security that one has on top of a board.

What makes a picture cool ?
Spontaneity, by far.

Who are your favorite riders?
I really like how J.B O’Neill rides.

Who do you wish to thank?
First and foremost, my parents, for instilling sports in me as a child and supporting me and after that I want to thank you all for your interest in my profile.

Wild & Sexy from Surf Slab

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