Filipe Toledo, Miguel Pupo and Ian Gouviea visited Wavegarden

Filipe Toledo and fellow Brazilians Miguel Pupo and Ian Gouviea visited Wavegarden to test out the Cove's new high-performance waves, which include a barrel wave, a slab, and an aerial section, among others. In recent months the fluid dynamics department has focused on improving the main Reef waves by altering the bathymetry. On top of getting some deep barrels, Filipe, Miguel and Ian executed some spectacular carves, straight airs, air reverses & roundhouse cutbacks. All surfer caught more than hundred waves each, surfing on their standard boards, and having an absolute blast. Although the Wavegarden Cove at our private demo center is only 20% of the size of a standard commercial facility, Urbnsurf is bringing a full size Wavegarden Cove to Melbourne, Australia which will open early next year.

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