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The Bubble Taxi is a small, fast & very efficient electric hydrofoil craft that can carry up to 5 passengers (including the pilot) with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, producing no wave, no noise and no emission.


The Bubble can be used in different environments: lakes, rivers, open sea…
A study regarding the navigability of the waterways (depth, maximum wave height, current) needs to be conducted before operating.

The Bubble Taxi sails from 0 to 13 knots. Between 0 and 6 knots, it is in Archimedean mode (hull touching the water). Between 7 knots and 13 knots, the Bubble changes into Foiling mode (only foils are touching the water), lifts off the water and “flies” about 40cm above the water.

The Bubble Taxi is equipped with the Fly-By-Wire system. Also used in the aviation industry, this technology allows to constantly measure the position of the boat above the water. It sends this information to the flaps (that are mounted on the foils) to balance the boat and keep it stable.

For our foils, we chose carbon fiber, which is the best compromise between lightness and resistance.

We chose scissor-doors to optimize embarking & disembarking, as well as to save parking spaces.

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