Let’s keep surfing fun

Let’s keep surfing fun from Surf Slab

Jamie O'Brien lives the dream. A champion pro surfer from the North Shore of Hawaii, he travels the world with a crew of friends that are down for whatever in a show that captures the craziness of his every day life. Who is JOB? Watch and find out.

In every sport, there are numerous players that strive to be the best, but then there are masters and innovators who see the entire game differently. That’s what Jamie O’Brien is to surfing. After proving that he is good enough to win the most esteemed titles in the sport, Jamie decided to try things that have never been done by another surfer. He created five seasons of a hit show, two highly respected surf films, and videos that garner international attention. With the ability to make surfing look easy while having the time of his life with friends, Jamie O’Brien is one of the most entertaining surfers to watch.

Check out JOB’s wild antics in his vlog here.

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