Foil surfing on the bridge

Foil Surfing an Aqueduct | Horue Movie The Fontaine de Vaucluse is a karst spring in the Vaucluse department. It is the largest karst spring in metropolitan France by flow. In Antiquity the site was a place of ritual offerings. For one day and for the first time, it was a crazy spot for a pumping surfoil session. 🤘 ►RIDER◄ Philippe CANERI (Horue team) ►HYDROFOILS◄ HORUE Website: Facebook: Instagram: ►SPECIAL THANKS◄ - Waxx Officiel: - Livity: - Forward Wip: - Toms: - Hexis-Energy: ►DRONE◄ VisionAir Website: Facebook: ►VIDEO◄ HORUE MOVIE PRODUCTION Website: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: XTreme Video, Home of extreme creators since 1994!

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