Governed By Lines

Governed By Lines from What Youth

It is said in Ireland that every good story told is preceded by a drink. As we lift a Guinness to our lips to tell you about one of one of our favorite trips we've embarked upon, we do so still longing for the Emerald Isle.

The poetry of the place. The ruggedness of the Irish shores in the heart of winter and the way our friends, Ian Crane and Soli Bailey, lit its waves ablaze can be seen in our new film, Governed by Lines. Cut by Jeff Alper and filmed by Scotty Hammonds and our local lad and Irish connection, Clem McInerney, you'll find the bounty of a strike mission to a slab at the end of a rainbow.

Our pot of green gold. Equal parts sketchy and beautiful. We all left with a newfound love for the black stout. We suggest watching our latest film with one in hand.

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