THE ISLAND from Roberto D'amico

Chasing swell around the world is an integral part of Roby's life.
And although it is very rewarding it is not always that easy.
At the beginning of November I got a whattsup from Roby that said: "Africa is calling". Well, let's go to Morocco. It was not Morocco but it did not matter, 12 hours later I was in London with Roby and Nils ready for another adventure.
We arrived on the island but the swell we monitored did not have the right direction. The search began. With the help of some locals we found some funny waves but it was not what we were looking for. At the end of the first week we decided to stop and wait for the second swell to come.
We missed our flights but the waves did not arrive.
Between sessions and more than 1000 km driven we became an integral part of the Island's culture, visiting every single spot and living with what this beautiful location had to offer.
This was part of the journey and we found a way to spend time discovering things that we would never had the way to live directly.
We lost another flight and the third week the swell finally showed up. But when you want something too much the worst things can happen and that's how life goes.

Huge thanks to all the locals, you guys are special.

Filming by
Alessandro Dotti
Nils Astrologo

Roberto D'Amico

Story told by
Litcha Perreira

Matchu Lopes
Mitu Monteiro
Robertney Barros
Titik Lopes

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