Dusty Payne "Relentless"

Dusty Payne has been through it all, from nailing closing sections in the most progressive surf films of his generation and competing at the highest levels on the World Tour, to laying in a hospital bed with metal plates in his head and a jaw wired shut after a horrific wipeout at Backdoor. But even at his lowest points, Payne's passion for surfing has always been the fuel to get him through the darkest hours and back into the light.

In "Relentless," we followed Payne before his near-fatal wipeout as he competed and freesurfed his way through Portugal and scored all-time sessions with friends back home in Hawaii. We also captured the wave that nearly spelled the end for Payne and the months-long battle he fought to return to the water. What we learned was something that those closest to Payne already knew, which was that no matter how dire the situation, you can never count Payne out. This is his story. This is "Relentless."

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