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UPDATE from the #cantstealourvibe surfboard fundraiser // HARPER, LIBERIA 🇱🇷 // Recently surfboards from the @positivevibewarriors surfboard drive in California made their way tot he coastline of Liberia, to a town called Harper. Harper sits on the far eastern end of Liberia, right on the Ivory Coast border // one of the most inaccessible towns on the African coastline, surfing has never existed here. @wavesforchange Created a program called #surftherapy with the help of @partnersinhealth And trained the local community to introduce surf therapy programs. A team of seven surf mentors connect with a hundred children per week to introduce the healing power of the ocean. Many of these children are without an education and working on the streets. Surf therapy provides an outlet for community conversation and self expression. Since surf therapy has arrived in Harper, we have seen the local beach transform from a disused dumping area into a safe space for children. We have seen referrals from schools and clinics as our #surftherapy team has started developing a brand new adolescent health service for the area. These are the first hard boards ever to reach Harper. So many waves and smiles lie ahead. THIS LITTLE GUY has been frothing on the ocean with just a plank of wood to surf. Nearly every day he walks down to the beach with his plank to join the @wavesforchange #surftherapy crew. Surfing his plank was difficult but he didn’t seem to mind at all - he was just stoked to be in the waves! Just a couple of days ago, he received his first ever real surfboard thanks to the @positivevibewarriors #surfboarddrive and can now properly ride wAves 🌊 - and more than that, has changed his life story from being a child with no where to go to a child with a passion, a community, and a safe space. We couldn’t be more STOKED to share the gift of surfing with kids al over the world who will hopefully be able to experience a new and healthy lifestyle of ocean activity and experience! THANK YOU to everyone who donated surfboards, and especially to the @wavesforchange Family for their tireless efforts to get all the surfboards to their new homes all over AFRICA!
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