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Apparently they let just anyone in the surf ranch these days... I felt like I affected KS Wave Co stock the second I drove my van on the premise. Never the less I LOVED the experience. You will too once you get the chance, which apparantly might be sooner than everyone thinks (according to rumors floating around the park).

Here's some insight to my experience... first off, was not ready to jump straight into the water as quick as I did. If you end up going, have your board ready the second they finish running you through the safety video. Second, ride a board that holds! Waves got punch and is kind of tricky to read! Pretty mesmerizing when your on it. I found that I liked my board with single concave bottom best. I rode a 5'8" white noiz (blue) and a 5'7" untitled (red) and the 5'7" untitled felt best. Luke Stedman was there with us and was riding a Dark Side that looked good under his feet (also single concave). Just a quick geek out, can't help myself. Also, I ended up with 10 waves total (6 waves with priority and 4 waves poaching) which only feels like a few! Cherish your rides!

The experience is top notch. Wave 10, amenities 10, food 10, jacuzzi 10, golf cart 10.  Although I'm sure your sick of watching clips of this place, your probably gonna post videos quicker than I did once you surf it. You feel like the biggest asshole after you experience the day and tell your buddies about it, so enjoy yourself DICKHEAD! 

Video: David Malcolm

Song: donde este los banos by George Trimm 

Edit: Casual Slice 

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